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Member since: Jun 20, 2023
Salary: $11.00/hr
Weekly available hours: 30


  • Administrative Tasks
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Email Support
  • Graphic Design
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Personal Assisting
  • Phone Support
  • Social Media
  • Travel Arrangement
  • Virtual Assistant


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟I'm here to help you maximize your time and productivity by assisting you with your daily tasks and needs.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 An experienced Virtual Assistant who has the expertise on: πŸ† VIRTUAL ASSISTANT / EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT βœ… Calendar Management βœ… Secretarial Support βœ… Document formatting (Create or Format Word, PowerPoint, Excel) βœ… PDF conversion βœ… Email Communication / Email Management βœ… Data Entry βœ… Travel and accommodation booking βœ… Lead Generation and Internet Research πŸ† CUSTOMER SERVICE βœ… Chat support / Email support / Social media support πŸ† SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT βœ… Handle different social media accoutns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn) βœ… Social Media Engagement (Organic and Paid Ads) βœ… Graphic designing βœ… Content Writing (for Social Media accounts) πŸ† SKILLS βœ… Good communication skills βœ… Can multitask and work with less supervision. βœ… Good at time management, as I can accomplish my work before the given deadline. βœ… Can handle pressure and stress very well βœ… Can quickly adapt and grasp knowledge faster. βœ… Detail-oriented and goal-oriented person. βœ… Life-long learner πŸ†TOOLS βœ… Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, MS Teams) βœ…Google Suite (Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Meet) βœ…Canva, βœ…Photoshop βœ…Zoom βœ…Google Meet βœ…Google calendar / Calendly βœ…Discord βœ… βœ…Trello βœ…Campaign βœ…Slack βœ…Click Up And MANY MORE.. A professional that has an exceptional interpersonal and communication skills to engage, lead and resolve client's issues and problems. A professional whose very detail-oriented, determined to do well in a job and determined to have a successful career as well as make the organization I work for more competitive.

Virtual Assistant video answers

1. Previous work

Could you share a past successful project you completed as a virtual assistant? What was the project, and which goals or deliverables were accomplished?

Note: To improve your answer - do not mention the specific employer's name, company, or where you found the job and just answer the question to the best of your ability.

Hi. So my name is Angel, but you could just call me Angie for short. So for my almost three years of experience as a virtual assistant, I've been, I've handled uh different inches already. So first things, first, I was a virtual assistant in the real estate industry where and I do call calls, I have of 500 calls a week. I do call email link. So I sent a email blast to our prospective clients. And then I also do handle social media. So I was been our, I was a social media manager to a different clients or a couple or numbers of clients there and I handle their um social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, um Twitter, linkedin and et cetera. Uh one that I'm most proud of uh when, in terms, when I was a social media manager, is that one of my clients, we started as 100 followers on Instagram. But after my tea, the organic ads that I did, uh she was able to get to have 2300 oh eight followers within just three days of uh my organic ads or organic boost. So, inclusions to that as a social media manager is I create my own contents. I do um using Can Photoshop Abe. Um I do reels, Facebook, reels, Instagram, reels, um basic uh videos and pictures and together with that is I also uh I'm also the one who's doing the um captions for it. But of course, uh it is uh depending with the clients, um clients uh targeted audience. So I make sure that I get to engage with my client's targets or audience depending on the post that I do. And then next one is I do email uh email manager. So where and I handle like 8 to 9 emails account all at once where and I designated uh emails such as the follow ups as up for updates and et cetera depending on my clients um pre uh preferences and how I will um manage her email. And then I was an Air B N B um specialist too. I handled um a couple of um listings on Zillow and other um Air B N B sites. So I managed to check in and check out of our um customers and I also process refunds and bill uh billings. And then another thing um I was in an executive assistant uh for a, an Australian client where, and I manage her travel arrangements, um basic bookkeeping. Um uh I make uh appointments uh like doctor appointments, school appointments for his family and of course for his business as well. And another addition to my virtual um assistant as a real estate virtual assistant is I also make Zillow listings. And then my most recent job is a dispatch manager in a transportation company where and I, I hire people. I, I interview them. I train them once they're employed. I manage their schedules, their um salaries if there will be any disputes or et cetera. And at the same time, I also do phone calls and emails, support and chat, support to customers and trucks since truck drivers, since we are in the transportation company or industry. So all I can say is that I really, I've handled like um numbers of niches as a virtual assistant. So I think for this position, I do believe I have the capabilities and experiences. Yeah. And thank you.

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2. Managing work

Can you share a time when you were faced with a task you were unsure how to complete? How did you approach the situation and ultimately accomplish the task?

Note: To improve your answer - do not mention the specific employer's name, company, or where you found the job and just answer the question to the best of your ability.

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3. Team player

Could you share a situation where you had to handle working with a challenging team member? How did you navigate the situation and ultimately accomplish your goals?

Note: To improve your answer - do not mention the specific employer's name, company, or where you found the job and just answer the question to the best of your ability.

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