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Mary Marguerette Qjnvdorh Employers can sign in and subscribe to view all of the Candidate profile data.
Member since: Jun 19, 2023
Salary: $12.00/hr
Weekly available hours: 30


  • Administrative Tasks
  • Data Entry
  • Email Support
  • Personal Assisting
  • Virtual Assistant


Good day! I have been working as a Virtual Assistant for a couple of years now. Although my niche is Amazon Wholesale, I have done some admin works like email management, data entry and research some ideas that the client needs. I'm hardworking and always delivers the tasks with best quality and on time. I am very detail oriented and I want things to well organized. I'm also a team player. I have experienced working in a team with the same nationality and also worked with a team that's composed of different nationalities. If there are other things that I may not be familiar with yet, I am 100% willing and eager to learn. I always wanted to develop my skills so that I can provide the best work that I could offer. Also, I have done the interview. I am looking forward to be working with you soon! Cheers, Mary

Virtual Assistant video answers

1. Previous work

Could you share a past successful project you completed as a virtual assistant? What was the project, and which goals or deliverables were accomplished?

Note: To improve your answer - do not mention the specific employer's name, company, or where you found the job and just answer the question to the best of your ability.

Hi. So first, um my past successful project uh recently and actually for a couple of years already, almost two years, uh I have been a virtual assistant. My niche is Amazon uh actually more on wholesale. And uh I have also done some admin jobs because I have done email management and there are also some um task from the client that I have to um fulfill. Of course. And that doesn't include any works regarding Amazon. So um I can say that I have been very prompt and uh whenever they gave deadlines I submitted on time or sometimes earlier and all the results of the work, um they have given me good impressions and comments. So actually, I have also been referred before uh from my previous client to some of their friends and um the project that I have, but I have done was um sourcing products since it's Amazon regarding Amazon sourcing products and finding distributors. Uh I have, I have found good distributor that could provide us with products that are very profitable for us and it passes the qu qualifications uh given by the client. So um I have found the first I have found a good distributor then from the price list that they have given me, I have found um good items that we have kept repeating, uh, ordering. Um, it, it have been very sellable and it actually, there are quite a lot of items already that that's the best selling item from the store that I am working on. So that's all. Thank you.

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2. Managing work

Can you share a time when you were faced with a task you were unsure how to complete? How did you approach the situation and ultimately accomplish the task?

Note: To improve your answer - do not mention the specific employer's name, company, or where you found the job and just answer the question to the best of your ability.

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3. Team player

Could you share a situation where you had to handle working with a challenging team member? How did you navigate the situation and ultimately accomplish your goals?

Note: To improve your answer - do not mention the specific employer's name, company, or where you found the job and just answer the question to the best of your ability.

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