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Member since: Jun 16, 2023
United States
Salary: $20.00/hr
Weekly available hours: 20


  • Administrative Tasks
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Email Support
  • Personal Assisting
  • Virtual Assistant


As a virtual assistant, I have gained valuable experience in providing comprehensive administrative support and ensuring the smooth functioning of various tasks and projects. My job experience has allowed me to: Manage complex calendars, scheduling appointments, and coordinating meetings, ensuring efficient time management for executives and team members. Handle email and correspondence, promptly responding to inquiries and prioritizing messages to maintain effective communication. Assist in preparing and formatting documents, reports, and presentations with a keen eye for detail and adherence to organizational standards. Maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information with discretion and professionalism. Employ excellent organizational skills to establish efficient digital filing systems, ensuring quick access to documents and resources. Collaborate with team members, demonstrating effective communication and a proactive approach to problem-solving. Adapt to different virtual platforms and software tools, leveraging technology to optimize workflow and enhance productivity. These experiences have allowed me to develop strong organizational and communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. I am confident in my ability to provide reliable and efficient virtual assistance, supporting individuals and organizations in achieving their goals.

Virtual Assistant video answers

1. Previous work

Could you share a past successful project you completed as a virtual assistant? What was the project, and which goals or deliverables were accomplished?

All right, cool. This is recording. Hi there, Simon. Thank you so much for the invitation before I answer this question. Um Thank you for inviting me on upwork. And your first question here is what are my past successful projects that I've completed as a virtual assistant? What was the project? Which culture deliverables were accomplished? I have to refer to my work history and see what are the things that I've actually done. So I started in 2020 12 as a virtual assistant, a personal assistant rather which I manage personal calendar, scheduling, doctor's appointment, um monthly budgeting for a household and all that. So that's how I started. And then I transitioned into a virtual executive assistant to startup companies have handled marketing agencies uh in Australia. And then the next ones are coaches, business coaches and teams. So specifically the projects were geared towards getting more sales for their, for their courses or their launches and getting them into Facebook tracking the leads, making sure that the uh what do you call this, the analytics where they're ready to be um read by the appropriate team member and so that they could adjust um like social media posts, uh email, writing their open rates, click rates and whatnot for those things. So basically, I ju I over, I'm like the overarching person uh from the CEO or the business owner and then to all the team members, I also help with doing S O P S. You've mentioned that on upwork. Yeah, you did. So I usually do zoom videos for training AOM accompanied by a document regarding the zoom videos if it needs to be visual. So I also do trainings with team members, especially with tools and whatnot. Um I would love to know more what kind of tools you have and see if I'm a good fit if I already know it or is it up in my alley to learn it? So basically, I have um experience in email management, calendar management, Google Drive Organization. Um What else? I have communications as well with the emails that communicate back and forth with clients and make sure that if there's, there are any files or attachments uh are involved, then they should be filed accordingly with proper filing name conventions. So F N C SI also do that to support the whole administrative tasks so that it could be easier for the whole team to locate what, whichever um properly and efficiently. So I guess that's all me. I will go to the next question.

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2. Managing work

Can you share a time when you were faced with a task you were unsure how to complete? How did you approach the situation and ultimately accomplish the task?

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3. Team player

Could you share a situation where you had to handle working with a challenging team member? How did you navigate the situation and ultimately accomplish your goals?

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